5 Quick Tips to make your Property Listing Stand Out!

Property Rental Market in UK is one of the most competitive ones in the whole of Europe. As an agent, it’s really important to make your property listing stand out. To this end, we bring you a list of 5 must essentials –

  1. Great Photos, especially of the living room
View of a Living Room in Place Property App Source: www.placepropertyapp.com

It sounds obvious but you would be surprised how many properties are listed without photos.  Properties listed without photos receive 8X less views that properties with photos.  Clearly photos are important and what isn’t obvious is that your leading photo should be the main living area of the interior of the property.  Tenants will of course have an affinity for the external character of the property but they wont be able to imagine and develop an emotional connection to what it would be like for them to live in the property.  


  1.    Accurate Listing Details

If your property’s data is accurate, it will filter correctly for exactly the right kind of tenant you are looking for.  For example, get the available dates, the deposit size and the other details of the property spot on and when the tenant searches you will find a tenant who can afford the deposit, is looking to move in when the property is available, so a highly qualified lead.


  1.     Respond Rapidly
Respond Immediately through PLACE Property App Source: www.placepropertyapp.com
Respond Immediately through PLACE Property App
Source: www.placepropertyapp.com

When a potential tenant messages you through one of the property websites or mobile apps such as PLACE, it’s best to respond immediately so you can ensure you agree a viewing time straight away.  If you delay, the tenant will make a booking for another viewing and you will lose a hot lead.


  1.    Install Wifi

A property without wifi already installed will deter a tenant. Tenants all want wifi and are loathe to have to wait for the wifi connection to be established.


  1.    Include a Floorplan
Floor Plan Source: www.placepropertyapp.com
Floor Plan
Source: www.placepropertyapp.com

If you have one available, always upload it.  If the property has an unusual layout and doesn’t have a floor plan, you should consider making one to improve the listing.  

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