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5 Hot Tips to ensure that your property is secure

Every home must feel as though it is a safe place for you to relax, to feel ‘at home’.  You need that peace of mind to be certain that your home is safe and secure.  Every home is a castle, cosy on the inside but fortified on the outside.  

Here are a few top tips on how to spot vulnerabilities and what to do about them when you have:

AVOID bad locations

  • Check the crime rates in the area and the type of crime
  • Check if the property is close to an area which is on or close to the Crime Map.
Crime Map of Manchester (as on Feb 2016)
Crime Map of Manchester (as on Feb 2016)

IDENTIFY vulnerabilities

  • Look for easy access points – ground floor windows, weak back doors, flimsy fences
  • Find areas where a burglar could be hidden while they break in – porches, walkways or lower ground stairways
  • Check windows and doors are strong with toughened glass.
  • Check locks are in good condition – if old or keys are very worn because have been re cut several times, ask for the locks to be changed.
  • Make sure there is no way to climb to the 1st or above floor



  • Install good locks.
  • Install double and toughened glazed windows that cannot be crowbarred
  • Cover any potential climbing surfaces with grease
  • Place barbed wire on the perimeter wall
  • Install an alarm that initiates a response team


DETER attempts

  • Have a highlighly visible alarm
  • Install security cameras to cover blind spots
  • Subscribe to a local security patrol    


PROTECT when on vacation

  • Dont put your garbage cans out
  • Use a random timer on your indoor lights or TVs
  • Stop newspaper and mail delivery, if you don’t have someone picking those up for you

Those are just some of the inexpensive ways to make your home more secure and burglar-free. Do you have tips of your own that you would like to share?