Travel Time Property Hunting: putting your commute 1st

When I think of my commute to work the first thing that comes to mind is the waste of time.  Even if you can read a book, listen to music or do the odd email it’s a huge amount of ‘dead time’ in your life moving around the city.

According to CityAM we spend 107 hours a year travelling to and from work, which works out as a year of our lives in a lifetime.  Most commuters only travel a short distance but get caught in public transport traps.  Just think about that for a second and imagine what you would pay to get a year of your life back.



At PLACE we decided to put your commute 1st and give you the chance to claim back your life.  We have developed an app that allows you to focus your property search on where you need to travel to on a daily basis and display properties in a time zone bubble from your office, college or university that you can set the time limit for.

In cities where distance is irrelevant and travel time is everything it’s the only way to find a PLACE that really fits in with your lifestyle and frees up time for you to enjoy where you live.  You’ll be surprised how many affordable properties are in prime areas of cities and a short travel time to work, college or university.