About Place

PLACE is revolutionising the way we rent property. We have re-engineered the process of renting and re-designed from scratch a seamless and frictionless system connecting agents and tenants through our App.

Tenants can easily calculate what they can afford to spend on rent and then search for rental properties by how long it would take them to travel to work, university or college. Agents can create a new instruction property in just a few minutes and then immediately message tenants looking for similar properties without having to wait for enquiries or maintain a contact book.

At PLACE we strongly believe in a 'Big Society' and that more can be done to help tackle homelessness. Through our excellent charity partners, The Booth Centre & Emmaus, our 'A PLACE for Everyone' Campaign gives tenants and agents the opportunity to help to helping homeless people get back on their feet in a supportive environment with a firm but fair attitude to the road to recovery.

PLACE for Tenants

Benefits of PLACE

  • Message the agent and get an instant response
  • Find places closer to work, university or college available when you need to move in
  • Share your places with flatmates, friends and family
  • Affordability calculator that automatically adds up all the costs to show you how much you can spend on rent

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PLACE for Agents

Benefits of PLACE

  • Better Leads – PLACE shows your leads from hot to cool and even tenants who haven’t seen your property
  • Lose the contact book – Tenants are already in the App
  • Proactive Advertising – Message potential tenants the moment your property is on the market
PLACE is free for Agents for a limited period. Get in touch with the PLACE team now and we will help you upload your complete portfolio and get you started in no time.

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Minimise Your Commute

Find PLACEs Available when you need them

Share your PLACE

Reliable & Accurate Information

Save your Favourites

View Similar Properties

Book Viewings

Instantly message Agents

Calculate what you can afford to spend on rent

A PLACE for Everyone

For every friend that downloads and uses the PLACE App

we will donate a meal for a homeless person at the Booth Centre.

For every property created by an agent using PLACE

we will sponsor a bed for a night for a homeless person in the Emmaus community.

Register now for free and make an important donation to our homeless.

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Meals are provided by our Charity Partner

Beds for the night are provided by our Charity Partner

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